Healing Pain and Injury by Maud Nerman is an eye opening book that everyone should read and then have on hand for those times when injury, pain or disease is present. …. Trauma is part of our lives and Healing Pain and Injury should be a part of your medical library. Extremely informative and useful!!!
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This well-organized, well-written book in easy-to-read style will be useful for many of us healing from an injury or being in pain whether occasional or chronic. Author Maud Nerman is an osteopathic physician who treated thousands of patients and wrote Healing Pain and Injury.
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Winter 2014
by Carrie Wallace, ForeWord magazine

This book is fun to read, informative, and motivating

Celebrated osteopathy and homeopathy expert Maud Nerman, DO, has “discovered a magic pill that will help you heal. It is your commitment to your own healing.” For those dealing with daily, long-term pain issues and traumatic brain injury, this pill might be more appealing than semipermanent sedation through pharmaceutical measures…The book focuses on helping readers understand their bodies and manage their pain...fun to read, informative, and motivating."
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Bookviews by Alan Caruba, charter member of the National Books Critic Circle, “The topic is health.”

If you continue to experience pain despite treatment, this book may unlock the doors to relief.

Healing Pain and Injury by Maud Nerman ($24.95, Bay Tree Publishing, softcover), an assistant professor at the Western University College of Osteopathic Medicine and an adjunct clinical professor at Tuoro University Medical Center, brings over thirty years of experience to the subject of recovery from all manner of neurological problems from brain injury to epilepsy. [read more] The book’s focus is treating pain and injury resulting from trauma. The author offers three simple steps to understanding and treating the hidden and little recognized causes of traumatic pain. If you continue to experience pain despite treatment, this book may unlock the doors to relief.
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September 28, 2013
BOOK REVIEW: Healing Pain and Injury
by Bonnie Cehovet, bonniecehovet.wordpress.com

“Maud Nerman is an incredible individual, and an incredible healer. While I do not know her personally, her words and stories speak for themselves…What I found most interesting is that current symptoms may be related to an injury from several years past The information in this book is presented in a manner that everyone can understand We often do not connect what is going on with our body with other issues/events in our life. This book is an eye-opener!”
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Winter 2014
Anthony G. Chila, DO, FAAO Dist., FCA
Professor Emeritus, Family Medicine
Ohio University, Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine

For patients and practitioners who encounter the many faces of trauma, HEALING PAIN and INJURY provides much needed guidance to more compassionate, knowledgeable and successful interaction with the patient’s path to recovery.
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Winter 2014
Mark E. Rosen, DO, FCA
Past President and Senior Faculty, The Osteopathic Cranial Academy

“Dr. Nerman has written a beautiful treatise describing the significance of trauma as a cause of human suffering.  This is the hallmark of Osteopathy, a uniquely American medical system that has proven to be profoundly relevant in the care of the whole person.”
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November 2013:
Lucinda Watson, Author: How They Achieved: Stories of Success and Personal Achievement

“If you’ve ever been sick, hurt or simply frustrated with your doctor’s limited explanation of what’s wrong with you…this is the book for you. In this book you will learn in a humorous and interesting way everything that goes on with your body and mind that can cause or cure illness.”
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Roger Morrison, MD
Cofounder: Hahnemann Medical Clinic, Hahnemann College of Homeopathy
Author of The Desktop Guide and Desktop Companion to Physical Pathology

Maud Nerman is a famously skilled clinician -- both as an osteopath and a homeopath. This work is a welcome addition for both homeopaths and patients and their families. Weaving personal anecdotes with solid clinical information, the book is both fascinating and useful I highly recommend it for both clinicians and the lay public.

Michelle Perro, MD, DHom - Integrative Physician
Sutter Pacific Medical Foundation - Institute for Health and Healing

“Dr. Nerman provides phenomenal insight into the causes and treatment of trauma as well as useful guides for prevention. As an integrative physician, this book will be one of my recommendations for my patients and colleagues.”

Michael E. Rosenbaum, MD
Author of Super Supplements - Past President - The Healthy Foundation

“Dr. Nerman has compiled a truly eye-opening treatise on the devastating effects of trauma and injury shock on our health. The interconnectedness of every organ and energetic system of the body, and the pivotal role that osteopathy can play in healing are deftly described in practical and readily understandable language.”

Dr. Pamela Martin, MD – Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry
University of California at San Francisco

“Dr. Nerman transforms the reader from victim to advocate, from patient to master. This book is a must-read.”

Martha Herbert, MD, PhD - Author of Autism Revolution
Assistant Professor of Neurology at Harvard Medical School

“Hope-giving, cutting edge science with practical ways to heal body and brain injuries.”

Debra Delaney - Software company CEO

“Dr. Nerman changed my life and ended decades of trauma pain. Reading Healing Pain and Injury helped me understand why she succeeded when dozens of other health care professionals had failed. All this time I thought it was magic!”